Why Lisa created Little Messes

After over 20 years working as a nanny with hundreds of children, I found I had a bit of a knack for helping kids to eat properly. People started coming to me for advice when they were having issues with their own children, and thus Little Messes was born…

I was frustrated with weaning training being so information heavy, dry, and often expensive. People were coming to me confused by conflicting advice and stressed over when to start weaning and what to feed their children.

If we are anxious about weaning, our children will be too!

I felt like people needed something interactive and fun to help them along their journeys. As a massive fan of messy play, I saw a place for this kind of learning in the area of weaning. The problem with a lot of messy play was that I didn’t feel comfortable with the things that children were putting in their mouths – just because something wasn’t labelled as toxic, if it could still stain clothes I wondered what was it doing to their insides.

Voila! There was the idea for Edible Messy Play. By creating totally edible play sessions I could help parents struggling to wean in a safe, fun (and very messy) setting. Since then Little Messes has grown and we now have virtual courses, one-to-one support, and an online support network too. You can find out more over on What We Do.

A little more about me

I am a mum of five and a professional nanny with a Diploma in Childcare and Education. From my very first experiences volunteering in a nursery to working with countless families as a nanny, I have always been fascinated with how children think and learn.

For me it’s always been clear: you have to work out what’s going on inside a child’s head before you can work out what to put on their plate. And that often starts with us, the parents and carers. Having two children on the autism spectrum taught me that there is always space to learn and reflect on how we approach our children’s eating.

My aim is to make food fun for everyone! Most of us have our own food anxieties and that can make weaning overwhelming. I’m here to support you and show you how to make mealtimes fun again.

What Everyone is Saying About

“We had so much fun at the Halloween messy play! There were lots of different things for my daughter to play with and was great to be able to bath her after in the little baths! I highly recommend it. We are looking forward to the next one!”

Jessica Perriss

“Me and the boys LOVE this group! Best baby group around… Sam and her mum are so helpful and help me loads with the twins”

Aimee Louise

“I heard about Little Messes through Facebook and wish I’d have heard about it sooner! My daughter used to pick up food and feed herself and then stopped despite constantly trying at home to get her to do it. During her first session at Little Messes she was touching the food (a little hesitant at first) and even eating it by herself. This progress has continued at home. I can’t thank Little Messes enough.”

Elizabeth Cottam

“Love this group! I’ve been taking my twins since they were 4 months old they still love it at 15 months! Also love the fact everyone helps with the twins. Sam and Lisa are amazing too. X”

Jenna Saywood

“Teddy absolutely loved his first session today! What a great idea! Xxx”

Tanya Haskins

“Had a fabulous time at Little Messes Halloween event yesterday morning. My little boy absolutely loved it! He didn’t want to leave! Will deffo be back!”

Emma Wright

“Absolutely brilliant, my daughter loved it all, so much to explore without the worry of making too much mess – really well run with friendly and helpful staff. We’ll definitely be rebooking.”

Natalie Ruston

“Arthur loved his session at Little Messes in Hitchin. Not sure how much he ate as he was having too much fun splashing me and the other babies with the food! Such a fabulous idea and ingenious way to introduce babies to different foods and textures. Will definitely be back and telling my friends about it!”

Samantha King

“Really did not know what to think of little messes…….the thought of mess put me off but I thought lets give it a try, always love to try something new! Well I’m glad I did. My little one has loved it from the off, 5 sessions in and she’s explored a large variety of foods, she’s touched, tasted and even sat in everything. We both look forward to these sessions……best of all, baths and towels are provided so we can leave the mess behind! Great work little messes!!!”

Kerri Rox Sandford

“I thoroughly recommend little messes for those who are starting weening, having trouble weening or just want to have a bit of fun with your little one!! I took my son to little messes when he was 6 months old because … well … the boy wouldn’t eat!!! I tried everything!!! When we went to little messes he loved it (and still does at 10months old!!) It gave me confidence to do more baby led weening, gave me lots of ideas on what he liked, how to cut certain foods and how to make meal times fun!!! Two weeks of little messes and my son was addicted to food!! The first thing he ate in his highchair was spaghetti … an idea from little messes!! Now he will eat anything, not phased by taste, textures or smell!!

The girls are lovely, accommodating and reassuring to those who are worried about weening or have any questions!! The themes each week are amazing and there’s so much thought and preparing that goes into it. It was above and beyond my expectations !

The bath and fluffy towels afterwards are great and the girls are always around to help as it can be quite challenging bathing a moving (incredibly messy) baby when your covered in food as well!! Oh yeah …. word of advice …. wear old clothes”

Gemma Louise

“Kian had a lovely time at definitely got stuck in, such lovely friendly people here to will definitely be coming again”

Georgia Marshall

“I’ve just taken my little boy to a session in Stevenage and he and I have absolutely loved it! Thank you for such a fun morning!”

Karen Sturgeon