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The Little Messes free 5-day weaning bootcamp

This bootcamp is for anyone on a weaning journey with children who wants to make food fun and stress free!

Let’s make good, messy memories – without the stress and anxiety.

The Bootcamp;

I’m Lisa, Founder, and Owner of Little Messes. I’ve joined forces with two other weaning professionals to bring you this free weaning Bootcamp over lockdown as I think it’s so important that parents and carers have access to this support right now.

I’ll be joined by sensory scientist Zenia Jappinen and first aider Sam MacKay and over the week we will be discussing:

  Weaning types – when and where to start
  Sensory Overwhelm – what it is and to avoid it
  Making food fun – why it’s so important to let children play with their food
  Fears of food – how your own relationship with food can affect your children’s

The bootcamp programme

There will be:

  Live talks with professionals every day discussing everything to do with weaning
  Taster virtual edible messy play sessions
  Live Q&As with Little Messes


Put it in the diary…

7th – 12th December 2020

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More about us

Zenia Jappinen

Zenia ia a sensory scientist, nutritionist, personal chef, and mum of one. She is passionate about understanding children’s problems with food and how we are conditioned to expect food to have a certain taste, texture, look or smell.

Sam MacKay

Sam is a trainer at Keepabeat First Aid Hertfordshire. She will be running a first aid session focused on weaning, how to tell the difference between gagging and choking, and how to deal with a choking incident.

Lisa Wallace

I am a weaning expert, qualified nanny with over 20 years of experience, and mum of five. I have always been fascinated with how children think and learn and my aim is to make food fun for everyone!

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